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Dental Implants at Coastline Dental - Transform Your Smile with Expertise

Revolutionize Your Smile with Dr. Leoni’s Expertise in Dental Implants

At Coastline Dental in San Juan Capistrano & Orange County Area, we specialize in transforming smiles and lives with our state-of-the-art dental implant solutions. Led by the renowned Dr. Leoni, a luminary in dental implantology with decades of experience, our team ensures a blend of expertise, care, and technology to give you the smile you deserve.

Have Questions About Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a revolutionary solution for replacing missing or damaged teeth. These artificial tooth roots, typically made from biocompatible materials like titanium, are inserted into the jawbone to support crowns, bridges, or dentures. They offer a durable, natural-looking, and functional alternative to traditional dentures or bridges.

Who Needs Dental Implants?

Ideal candidates for dental implants include individuals with one or more missing teeth, those looking to upgrade from dentures or bridges, or anyone seeking a permanent solution for tooth loss. Dental implants can also be a viable option for those in good general and oral health, with sufficient jawbone to support the implant.

Implant Options: Tailored to Your Needs

Single Tooth Implants

Perfect for replacing a single missing tooth.

Multiple Teeth Implants

Ideal for multiple missing teeth, replacing them with implant-supported bridges.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

A revolutionary technique where a full arch of teeth can be supported by just four implants. This option is perfect for patients needing extensive restoration.

Coastline Dental Implants

Case Study: A Life-Changing Transformation

Meet John, a 52-year-old who came to us with several missing teeth, affecting his confidence and quality of life. Under Dr. Leoni’s expert care, John received multiple dental implants. The transformation was remarkable – John now enjoys a full, radiant smile, renewed confidence, and an improved lifestyle.

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Choose Coastline Dental for Your Dental Implants

There are several reasons why a patient might choose Coastline Dental in San Juan Capistrano & Orange County Area, CA for their dental implants, including:

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Decades of Expertise:

Dr. Leoni’s extensive experience in dental implantology ensures top-tier care.

Personalized Care:

Every patient’s journey is unique. We tailor treatment plans to your specific needs.

Advanced Technology:

Utilizing the latest in dental implant technology for precise and effective treatments.

Commitment to Comfort:

Ensuring a comfortable, anxiety-free experience for all our patients.

Stunning Results:

Our portfolio of successful implant cases speaks to our commitment to excellence.

Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Implants

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants are designed to be a long-lasting solution, often enduring for decades with proper care.

Is the implant procedure painful?

We prioritize patient comfort. The procedure is performed under anesthesia, ensuring a pain-free experience.

How do I care for my dental implants?

Care for them as you would your natural teeth, with regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups.